Websites & Home Users

Attract new and discerning customers with the industry's strongest yet also fastest and easiest to use login security.

Websites & Home Users

Key Benefits - Websites

  • Give your users strong security that's extra fast and easy for them to install and use.
  • Attract new and discerning customers with the industry's strongest yet also fastest and easiest-to-use login security.
  • Optionally eliminate passwords altogether.
  • 1-minute setup for most popular sites and platforms.
  • Easy integration with free code, APIs, and SDKs for the ultimate bespoke experience.
  • Offer exciting new real-time experiences to your customers with CryptoPhoto full-screen out-of-band messaging solutions.

Key Benefits - Home Users

  • Secure your home computers and networks using high-security commercial protection.
  • Block more than 100 threats and risks to your data and privacy.
  • Control home equipment, like garage doors, lights, heating, door locks, cameras and surveillance etc, with fool-proof high-security.
  • Protect your files and backups against ransomware and malware with our SMB security extensions.
  • Build your own high-security solutions! Our sample code, APIs, and SDKs easily interface with popular software and hardware products and platforms:-
    You dream it, we secure it!.

Websites & Home Users

Passwords don't work anymore.  Whether or not you choose to keep using them (we suggest you don't), you need to do something different and more secure these days.
CryptoPhoto lets you take your security to the highest strength available, but with the fastest and easiest user experience possible.  Even faster than passwords.

CryptoPhoto works on a wide range of products and services that you already use.  Simply install one or more of our pre-built addons.  If you find something we don't already support, let us know and we'll add it.  If you've built your own website or project, our Developer pages walk you through the simple steps of adding our high-strength security.

Our high-security protection lets you do fast (under 2 seconds) one-tap logins, using your phone and/or tablet to block more than 100 different security threats.

CryptoPhoto provides the industry's highest-assurance security strength: NIST SP800-63-3 "AAL3".

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