Small Business

Solve more than 100 difficult security problems with one fast and simple solution.

Small Business

Key Benefits

  • Solve more than 100 difficult security problems with one fast and simple solution.
  • Hacker-proof your humans! - easily block challenging problems like social-engineering of staff, phishing, credential-theft malware, and more.
  • Make logins faster and easier (and more secure!).
  • No more lost or forgotten passwords - CryptoPhoto can safely get rid of them.
  • One-minute setup for most small-business systems.
  • CryptoPhoto provides the industry's highest-assurance security strength: NIST SP800-63-3 "AAL3".

Small Business

Security should just work.  Properly.  And it should never get in your way.
Welcome to CryptoPhoto - the world's first high-strength access and signing solution that takes only 2 seconds to use.

CryptoPhoto installs in minutes to protect a wide range of common business systems you use, including computer and server logins, websites and online tools and services like mail, cloud, crm, cms, and appliances like file servers, VPN's, firewalls and more.

Once installed, CryptoPhoto:

  • Prevents attacks against you and your staff, including scams, phishing, and social-engineering.  CryptoPhoto works on computers and over the internet, and it also works over the phone, as well as in-person.  90% of small-business intrusions are caused by the human-factor exploits that CryptoPhoto blocks.
  • Neutralizes credential-theft malware, and when installed on your file servers and backups, blocks ransomware and malicious data attacks too.
  • Simplifies access to your systems.  CryptoPhoto lets you optionally, and safely, get rid of passwords - making it extra fast and easy to be secure.
  • Speeds up your work: with just one tap, taking less than 2 seconds, secure logins and transaction authorizations become a breeze.

The strong security CryptoPhoto delivers protects your business and customer data, delivers you the highest available authentication assurance to demonstrate strong compliance with modern data and privacy laws, and protects your reputation by keeping your business out of mandatory breach-disclosure reports.

CryptoPhoto is cheaper than insurance, and delivers much greater value: piece of mind.  Prevention works.

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