Social & Identity

Keep your customers strongly safe, no matter their skill, no matter their environment.

Social & Identity

Key Benefits

  • Keep scammers and social engineers out of your customer accounts - CryptoPhoto just works - irrespective of end user skill or attention.
  • Safely provide logins and your federated identity to 3rd party sites, without fear of scams, phishing, or stolen credentials.
  • Keep your customers strongly safe, no matter their skill, no matter their environment.
  • Unlock the power of your user accounts without fear of criminals exploiting your customers.
  • Deliver new and exciting out-of-band services, like instant secure permission granting or identity credential release, protected with biometrics and scam-free mistake-resilient strong certificates.

Social & Identity

Your systems are safe, but what about your users?  They're under siege!  Phishing attacks, credential-theft malware, social-engineering online and by telephone and even in person, 3rd party breaches and password stuffing, impostor websites, zeroday exploits, ... hackers know they're your weakest link, but now you can fix that:

CryptoPhoto blocks human-factor exploits.  We "hacker proof" your users.  No false positives. No angry lockouts. No privacy invasion. No step-ups. No bypass, and no added support burden.  Just genuine, effective, foolproof protection.

More importantly - we're fast and easy.  One tap, 2 seconds.  We even make it safe to stop using passwords entirely.

CryptoPhoto is a multifactor login and signing solution that makes it 10 times faster for your users users to log in, while giving them the highest-rated authentication strength available today: NIST SP800-63-3 Authentication Assurance Level 3 (AAL3).

We are also fast to enroll - under 2 minutes - that's ten times faster than our nearest competitors, reducing uptake friction like never before seen.

CryptoPhoto is purpose-built to protect identity providers against credential-theft attacks mounted by unscrupulous relying parties and others;  we make it safe, fast, and easy for your users to enjoy accelerated speed and simplicity of using your identity services across any 3rd party sites, and our out-of-band transactions and key-provisioning add an entirely new and simple means for quickly and easily authorizing API and 3rd party access to customer data.

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