Meet our Team

CryptoPhoto is built and run by experienced experts.

Meet our Team


Chris Drake

Chris's security career started with game copy-protection in 1982. Today, the world’s most widely referenced security patent is one of Chris's. He's worked at IBM in anti-virus research and reverse engineering; hand-built cryptographic and bigmath routines in optimised assembly and cross-platform C; coded ciphers for the Australian Air Force; spoken at Security and Hacker conferences on topics like practical PGP attacks, browser exploits, bitcoins, and buffer overflows; published products including executable protection, keylogger blocking, spyware detection, disk encryption, copy-protected PC games and others; spoken at TEDx; and won multiple industry awards; His successful businesses include online anti-fraud detection, reputation tracking, identity management, secure public internet terminals, email and document security and metrics, timezone & payment services, and this, the world's most advanced, yet easiest, security solution.


Andrew Grant

Andrew Grant has worked as a CEO/co-founder of a number of small technology and start-up companies, across various industries from wine-tech to medical devices. He has experience as a stockbroker, corporate finance analyst and commercialisation manager. Andrew is a co-founder of international genetics software company TrakGene, and led the rollout in the UK and US, and closed sales deals up to $2mil. Andrew has a Banking and Finance Degree, an MBA and a Masters of Technology Commercialisation. Andrew spends his spare time surfing and attempting to cook.

Theo Hnarakis

Theo Hnarakis brings a wealth of experience working in the media industry and scaling Australian ASX listed technology businesses. He graduated from The University of South Australia with a Bachelor of Accounting and has held senior roles with News Corporation, Boral Group, the PMP Communications group and was the Managing Director and CEO of Melbourne IT until 2013. He has also held director roles with Neulevel, a JV with US based listed company, Neustar and with Advantate, a JV with Fairfax Media. Mr Hnarakis is also currently a Director of Newzulu Limited, chairman of Crowd Mobile, and served as an Ambassador for the Starlight foundation.


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