API's, Plugins, Appliances

Protecting your site with CryptoPhoto is quick and easy.



For users of the following products, simply install our plugin from your product directory/store/marketplace:

cPanel Joomla WordPress MediaWiki AtMail Jira Drupal Checkpoint

Others - if your product is not on our list, let us know and we'll publish a plugin for it.


If you're running a custom site, CryptoPhoto is still quick and easy to deploy. Try out our free libraries and code samples below, or see our API to write your own. CryptoPhoto is designed by coders, for coders - we've done the hard work to make your life easy. See our separate API implementation page for specs and coding details or follow our code implementation guides: PHP, Perl or Python.


CryptoPhoto protects your site against attack, but it also keeps protecting your site even if hackers break in to your server. We do this by using separate security appliances. You can use our shared cloud version, or download and run your own within your favorite virtual or physical infrastructure. Search "CryptoPhoto" in your chosen appliance marketplace, or download our setup and instructions to deploy yourself.