Simplify citizen and staff access to protected systems - 2-second logins, no training needed.


Key Benefits

  • Simplify and accelerate citizen and staff access to protected systems - 2-second logins, no training needed.
  • Maximize security, compliance, and threat blocking with CryptoPhoto's NIST SP-800-63-3 AAL3-compliant (highest assured strength) protection.
  • Fortify users against phishing, social-engineering, and credential-theft malware attacks: on-line, over-the-phone, and in-person.
  • Protect user privacy while also improving security.
  • Easily build new solutions with high-security and out-of-band digital signatures: voting, facility access, biometric identification, etc: online, in-person, and over the phone too.
  • Meet and exceed best-practice assurance and security compliance guidelines.
  • Easiest and fastest high-security user experience in the industry.
  • Option to eliminate passwords, which drastically improves overall security by removing the single worst cause of most incidents. Also makes logins even faster and easier as well as more secure!
  • Keep scammers and social engineers out of your customer accounts - CryptoPhoto just works - irrespective of end user skill or attention.
  • Safely provide citizen logins and federated identity services to 3rd party sites, without fear of scams, phishing, or stolen credentials.


Nearly every kind of attacker targets government, from script kiddies to nation-states and everything in-between.  They go after your systems, they target your operators and staff, and they increasingly exploit your users - citizens - for all kinds of reasons.  Stealing data or money, damaging trade or reputations, and promoting political causes are just some motivations.

9 out of every 10 successful intrusions into government systems begins with a human-factor exploit, like phishing, social-engineering, or scams that introduce malware.

The feature which sets CryptoPhoto apart from all other authenticators, is human-factor protection.  We use an incredibly sophisticated cryptographic protocol in which the human themselves plays one small but important part: they match a pair of random photographs, which our protocols use in order to eradicate impersonation attacks.  This protection, known as "Verifier Impersonation Resistance", is the key protection required for compliance with the highest-assurance rating of the world's newest and most respected security standard: NIST SP800-63-3, Authentication Assurance Level 3 (AAL3).

In other words, CryptoPhoto gives your operators, staff, and citizens a simple one-tap authentication solution which achieves the strongest possible authentication assurance level.  This technique blocks the ability for phishing attacks to succeed, prevents social engineers from being able to trick users, neutralizes malware, and overcomes more than 100 other security vulnerability and security-reducing user-experience issues.

CryptoPhoto is perfectly suited for rapid and simple citizen access to online government services, for high-security staff access to internal resources, and for government-based federated identity purposes which would otherwise face extreme risk of credential theft and misuse when citizens rightfully use their logins to access 3rd party sites and services.

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