Make it impossible for human-factor attacks to succeed against your employees, while making it faster and easier for everyone to enjoy high-security access to enterprise resources.


Key Benefits

  • Strong and simple protection against more than 100 difficult security vulnerabilities affecting both systems and people.
  • Simple and effective blocking of human-factor exploits, including phishing, social-engineering, scams, and credential-theft malware.
  • Improve employee productivity by making their logins much faster and easier, but also more secure.
  • Empower your authentication to block RATs and hacker lateral movements.
  • Simplify high-security SSO, including easy out-of-band signatures that also block malware and accidents.
  • Eliminate borrowed or stolen credentials with quick and easy biometrics.
  • Option to safely go passwordless, drastically improving overall enterprise safety.
  • Unified solution - works with a wide range of existing enterprise products, systems, and applications. Extends easily to new ones.
  • Far more effective than education or security-training: CryptoPhoto prevents human-factor exploits, without risks.


Enterprises can be complicated, but securing the people who run and use them is simple.

CryptoPhoto is a high-security, yet fast and easy, authentication and signing solution.  It has native connectors for a wide range of enterprise products, like: ADFS, SSO, numerous types of equipment like VPN's, Telephony, Networking, and Firewall/IDS/DLP/etc, and system-level protection for Windows and Linux servers along with the individual services they provide including web, print, network, storage and applications.

CryptoPhoto also includes a wide range of pre-built installers and administration front-ends to extend strong-auth to numerous web-based products and services, like CMS, Hosting, Email, Project Management, and CRM.  Protection is extensible, offering a comprehensive programming API and wide range of sample code in many languages, including interactive online tutorials and free training guides with working demonstrations to help developers make the most of CryptoPhoto's best-in-class authentication, digital-signing, and key-provisioning.

Because CryptoPhoto's high-strength protection is so fast and easy, it's suitable for both enterprise staff, as well as customers, suppliers, and 3rd parties.

CryptoPhoto's Key Differentiators
  1. Human-Factor protection: we are NIST SP800-63-3 compliant to Authentication-Assurance-Level 3 (AAL3: the highest strength): this necessarily includes "verifier impersonation resistance".  In layman terms - our authentication uniquely prevents phishing, social-engineering, scams and so on.  Depending on your applications, we also neutralize a variety of malware attacks, and all credential theft and misuse risks.
  2. Simplicity and speed.  Compared with industry incumbents, CryptoPhoto is 10 times faster for an end-user to enroll and start using, as well as being 10 times faster for them to log in.  Since human-error is estimated to cause 91% of successful cyber intrusions, and that's what CryptoPhoto was built to prevent, we believe this makes CryptoPhoto 10 times more useful than other security tools you may be using or looking at.
  3. We support the option to go securely "passwordless", which eliminates a staggering range of security issues while making user logins much faster and easier as well.

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