Easily add high-strength logins and out-of-band digital signatures to your projects!


Key Benefits

  • Easily add high-strength friction-free logins and out-of-band digital signatures to your projects.
  • Build hardware and IoT solutions with our high-security 2-way control systems.
  • Implement encryption-based projects using our redundant key-release and optional two-man-rule solutions.
  • CryptoPhoto provides the industry's highest-assurance security strength: NIST SP800-63-3 "AAL3".
  • Consider going passwordless: CryptoPhoto makes it safe to remove the single biggest security problem plaguing the internet today: passwords.


Your work is valuable, but good security is hard to get right, especially if you don't want to introduce friction or ruin your customer experience.

CryptoPhoto offers the highest-assured military-grade authentication strength currently available on the internet, but in a solution that's even faster and easier to use than regular low-security passwords, which you can optionally (and safely) get rid of if you like.

Whatever you're building, you have 3 core security needs:

  1. When someone logs in, you really need to know it's actually them.  No iffs, no buts, no "out of scope" exceptions etc: it just needs to work properly, with no hassle.
  2. When a user does something important, you want to know they meant it, and it wasn't them falling prey to some scam, or malware taking control of their account.
  3. You need excellent protection for sensitive information, like API codes, wallet keys, PII information, cipher/encryption secrets, etc. Even if your systems get broken into, you really don't want any of that information stealable.

CryptoPhoto provides all of this protection, in an easy-to-integrate, and fast to use package, with all the "hard stuff" already expertly written for you to simply "just use" - including secure enrollment, secure account recovery and loss-handling, authentication reporting and self-management.
CryptoPhoto lets you concentrate on your application, comfortable in the knowledge that you've got the internet's best protection watching your back.

Excitingly, CryptoPhoto offers entirely new and useful mechanisms for engaging with your users (securely), in real-time, and where necessary out-of-band.  Our solution gives you the mechanism to instantly display rich full-screen 2-way messages directly on your customer devices 24/7/365 and it also gives your users the "anytime" mechanism they might need to contact your system securely and on-demand - some examples include:

  • A customer account is exceeding some limits - contact them instantly to upgrade them to a higher service with just one tap.
  • Suspicious activity is detected from a customer instance - get customer permission to terminate it without risk of causing customer losses.
  • Empower your IoT projects with inward secure messaging: open gates or doors, activate pumps and machinery, or simply provide environment reports or real-time warnings - direct to your customer screens in rich 2-way full-screen self-opening convenience.
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